Saying Goodbye to Brno, Masaryk University and Erasmus

It's been five months already for me to be in Brno, Czech Republic. Time runs so fast. I did not believe it is so quicken like this. Just a blink, it is now time to go back home. Of course, I have been looking forwards to return to my country, Kingdom of Cambodia, but right now I am on the fence. I don't want to make up my mind. Brno city is so fantastic and perfect fit for me, except very cold weather.
During my stay in Brno and studying Masaryk University, I have made many achievement that I have to be very grateful of. For studying matter, I am doing Master's Exchange in Social Studies faculty near the Red Church. I had four classes in my Autumn Semester, and I successfully passed all the courses. Thanks to all professors who made my class so super good. I have learned a lot from. Also, with EU law and Human Rights protection class I got the opportunity to take study trip to the Czech Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of Administration. Among all classes, I like this one the most since it has offered me many knowledge about EU's law system and the practice in member states.

My stay in Vinarska went perfectly well. I like all receptionists. They are so friendly and helpful. I can help from them anytime I have problem. They are at my disposal. Regarding the atmosphere in my Dormitory, it was quite busy. Erasmus Students' life are vibrant and active. I never heard the sound of silence at all in my dorm, Vinarska block A1. The first two months of my stay in Vinarska were full of welcoming parties, from the third month to fourth I heard many Birthday parties every weekend, and the last month of my stay I heard huge crowded of 'Saying Goodbye Party' to some Erasmus students who did exchange study only one semester in Masaryk University. 
Ms. Sokkhim (right) and Ms. Reaksmey (left)
During 2015 Food Fairs at Masaryk University
Honestly, I at first felt a little annoying by various kinds of parties in Vinarska Dormity but I started to live better and better and began to enjoy those nosy sound. Perhaps to some students, they remain annoying by the parties but, very particularly, I am not. Although I did not join the parties even one, I rather indirectly enjoy. I was so happy to see people's happiness. Party is the best thing for them to release stress after a hard, bitter study week. I believe I got addicted to the sound of party. Very often I heard from a room next mine. I heard student shouting, screaming and laughing. I was so happy and I will be sad and feel lonely when there were no party somewhere around my room. Party becomes part of my life though I do not directly involve.
Beauty of Brno city, on the other hand, makes my day going so fast. I really the reality of Brno city, quite small and well-organized. I can access to many things, supermarket, malls, and shops easily. With just few minutes I can reach Albert in Mondlovo stop easily. Or I take bus or tram heading to city centre in just five to six minutes and access to many services I want ranging from banking to online expense and from shopping to buying stuffs. I love Brno.
As an Erasmus student, I am proud to be part of the project. As one student in Masaryk University, I am very pleased and honor to enjoy the chance. As part of Brno residence, I am very grateful for the most security, safety and cleanliness. I love Erasmus and I love Brno.
Group of Cambodian students visiting Kromeriz February 2016
Finally, let me say thank you so much to all Masaryk University's professors who spent times and efforts to teach all students according to their professions. May all of them be health, and blissful. They are my hero. More, I have to say indebted thanks to all Erasmus programme coordinators, especially Ms. Violeta Osouchova, Mr. Adam Hykl, and Mr. Bodhan Fridrich who make Erasmus programme available for me and make all of my life event work towards realizing my dream. Also, I wholeheartedly thanks to Ms. Bunry Reaksmey, Ms. Sreng Sokkhim, Mr. Seng Sereyrath, Mr. Senghour, Mr. Saravichet, Ms. Chenla and Ms. Sreypov who are my best companions. They all make my day in Czech Republic great. I love all of them.
May all your goodness bless you!
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