Five leadership lessons from Mother Teresa

In the new book Mother Teresa CEO: Unexpected Principles for Practical guide, the Nobel Peace winner and Holy is presented in a different light, one that examines her life achievements through the perspective of business management.

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It is not generally known, authors Ruma Bose and Lou Faust, but Mother Teresa say an organization with a full time staff of 4,000 employees are managed in more than 100 countries, and more than 1 million volunteers!

The book (Berrett-Koehler, July 2011) shows Mother Teresa as a pragmatic and realistic leader who had to do over 47 years, millions of people often help hard decisions for which it has been heavily criticized. their distinctive leadership style, however, say the authors, was "based on absolute simplicity and practicality", helped her build one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, the missionaries of Christ.
Rose and Faust have Mother Teresa leadership distilled into essential principles that can apply readers to their own organizations, as well as their personal lives.
Of course, Mother Teresa did not fit into the mold of a typical CEO, and she do not have a traditional style of leadership. The authors say their leadership principles "learned by observation, inspired by example and universal." Have you ever looked for easy solutions. Here are five lessons in leadership from the book.

1. clearly identify your mission. There is no doubt, for what was Mother Teresa. Knowing what your goal is and to make it as easy as possible will help your organization perform.

2. Know when to draw the line. Mother Teresa was for the decisions they made criticized, but their goal has always been to stand by their faith and to do the job.

3. Get the right timing. Mother Teresa waited 20 years the missionaries of Christ in Calcutta to start.

4. Embrace doubt. Mother Teresa had doubts and squeezed it, but thought that your purpose is constantly to question and re-evaluate your mission are crucial to develop as a leader.

5. Follow your call to action. Mother Teresa knew what was calling their lives. Figure out your role and play it well.
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