Mother Teresa leadership style

Mother Teresa devoted her whole life to the Fountain of is unprivileged, suffering, malnourished, homeless and helpless people. She devoted her whole self, all their time and all the knowledge and resources at their disposal to help others, one person at a time.

Mother Teresa is known celebrated for their contributions to the lives of countless people and for their phenomenal job at the Missionaries of Charity, which she also founded. But what many people recognize, or do not care to know, is the Mother Teresa leadership style.

Mother Teresa leadership style was neither autocratic nor transformed, although there were moves of both. She was through and through a situational leader. They did what was urgently needed. They were at home for the homeless, food for the hungry, medicines in the ailing company and the lonely. It is these situations Mother Teresa leadership style that had made them unique. She was the same with their fellow sisters and all those who worked for them or with her.

Mother Teresa leadership style was about learning, determination, being resourceful and organizational skills, the resources to efficiently use. The missions that Mother Teresa had taken in her life could not be achieved without money and resources. If money and resources were provided by Catholic and other religious organizations apart from the people from all walks of life from donation available, it would still be a lot of planning and effective implementation of the plans need to ensure that the money and resources used be optimal.

Mother Teresa was a perfectly organized leader. She knew what she wanted and how she would take on any challenge. She was diagnosed with her sole intention to help the needy and to achieve that they would pull together all their resources to do train people who work to be able or to be good enough to help her, and she took care of all so no one was left out here, not those who are in need, even those who worked with her.

Mother Teresa was a brave woman. She had not buckle under pressure, and she did not try and justify her works, when she has been criticized for various reasons. She had been the target of fierce criticism and their popularity has often been dented by some valid and invalid reasons. But none of these quenching she swayed from their belief and their eventual mission.

Mother Teresa leadership style is not just for managers, entrepreneurs or professionals, but also for life in general.
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