Nine Principles for Effective leadership

"If women would realize what an impact they have, they would be filled with pride. If people realized how influential women, they would be scared to death."

It is said that we. All affect at least 250 people in our lives We all have the responsibility for the management.

Every woman can be a guide. But the results of surveys show that most women greatly underestimate their influence.

At home it can organize our children clean the house or, more importantly, instilling values ​​and morals in their lives. In the workplace, it can attract people to be for distribution. We influence others by what we say and do, and-as we do our work.

We recognize that Mother Teresa was one of the great religious and humanitarian leaders of the world. If we aspire to be leaders, we must learn to recognize between glory and greatness. Fame is Madonna; Size is Mother Teresa. There is a tremendous shortage and the need for truly great leaders-leaders who are trustworthy, ethical, good, honest and high personal standards. The world is looking for honest and upright leaders.

Luckily, there are more women in leadership now than when I started, take on leadership tasks first. As in leadership roles for more than thirty years with major and minor tasks-I learned a lot about the good guidance. What is a leader? "A leader is a person who influences people to fulfill a purpose." How can one become a leader? "A leader correctly assessed a situation and know how to take the next step."

Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, you're a leader-an influencer. Your opinions are listened to and acted upon. The following nine principles will help you make the most of your influence:

1. Do you have a dream that leave this world a better place

"Is there anything worse than to be blind? Yes! The pathetic person in the world someone who has sight, but has no vision." So said Helen Keller.

Guide is simply the ability to turn a dream or a vision of a desired future state in the reality, with and through cooperation with other people. To throw your life into something meaningful, must your dream die be worth it. What do you get excited?

Do you have a great vision; learn about your skills you questioned. If we have directed our efforts at this moment only-for ourselves, for the accumulation of material things, for human consumption, we will be dissatisfied and disappointed with life. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said: "There is little hope for democracy if the hearts of men and women can not by a call to something greater than themselves to be touched."

Have a dream and vision that is greater than itself-one that this world will leave a better place.

2. Do you know what your strengths are

To leaders, we need each other to achieve our goals. Each of us has only some of the skills needed to do a good job. We need to surround ourselves to fill with people in our gaps. Seventy-nine year old Muriel tower, an experienced entrepreneur, said: "You get things done through other people, the number one in the business is the best person to get the job number two to delegate number three, go supervise back and see... that they did. "

To be effective, you need a team to work. We carry on the basis of our strengths; we collect our team based on their strengths.

What is your management style? Are you a visionary? A person who can see the big picture and take risks? Or you're a detail person-an administrative type? They see the need for systems and order. You do things correctly and at the right time. They are efficient. Maybe you are more of a seller-a people gatherer. They love people and can anyone sell something, but do not care about details. Or maybe just you love work itself. A hard worker-producer. Let someone give you a track to run and you will do it.

Before you are 30 years old, you can probably without too much trouble to do all these tasks. But once you are over thirty, you realize you do not want the things that you are not good. It consumes too much energy. If you know what you are good to surround yourself with a team that is at the other three well.

If you have this team, meet regularly with them and a Memorandum of Understanding to work you. Rate often with your staff, so you do not lose your focus. Ask short- and long-term goals and evaluate two or three times a year to see how you do. Your team will be motivated together towards achieving your goals. Give credit where credit is due. Say "thank you" to the people you are working with. Encourage them often!

Your strengths and the strengths of the other is to understand the key to effective leadership.

3. pursuit of excellence

The people you affect not want to rise to a higher standard of excellence than what they observe in it. The authors of Megatrends to write for women, "male or female, the effective leader wins commitment an example of excellence to set."

We were hosting a dinner for influential women in three cities with a known, successful speaker. Of course, we were anxious to make a good impression, so we spent hours wording the invitations. However, when they were printed, and we saw them over, we discovered to our Best├╝rzung- that the logo for our organization was printed upside down. It was an expensive mistake.

After much discussion, we decided to print them themselves, even though we knew that the majority of women would not even notice the error.

We wanted to influence leaders, and we had to do things right, not only to do the right things. Leaders must strive for excellence.

The pursuit of excellence and you will attract others to do the same.

4. Be persistent

Mother Teresa was a determined woman. Margaret Thatcher was a determined woman. To be the key to a good leader, is stamina being a non-quitter. You'll be tempted to leave, and are supported by which to end the friends and enemies. Be not ready to throw in the towel. Be determined.

A journalist wrote Mother Teresa: "When I met Mother Teresa, I discovered it was very tiny less than five meters high and held her head tilted to one side you had gnarled hands and thick peasant feet protruding under her coarse white sari. . Although it can not be denied, the aura of warmth and kindness that surrounded them, I felt that I was the most powerful in the present, focused and determined person I've ever met. "

Determination and perseverance as the number one essential characteristics for success Women rated According to a survey carried out by Deloitte and Touche, senior women executives in business. To exit to another location this world, you must be persistent. Employees do not grow in a comfort zone. Employees are not people with exceptional talent; they are people who get up from their mistakes and try and you learned it again.

Persistence is the key to effective leadership.

5. Be willing to stand alone

If you have a passion, a dream or a mission, set measurable goals and work to achieve them. You will find that many times you may have to work alone. They are likely to be lonely.

People for executives looking, willing them everything they have to give, and they will follow for a while. However, when push comes to shove when fun and comfort compete with responsibility and long hours, will drop off trailers. That's when you need to be sure that what you're doing is right, so you can keep going.

James Cook said: "A person who wants to lead the orchestra must make his back on the crowd."

6. Be prepared for resistance

One of the facts of life is that if you are in the guide, you need to solve problems.

Pastor Lloyd Ogilvie for many years the senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, California, and now Chaplain of the US Senate, once observed that "Everyone has problems, if you do not have now, you will have problems; everywhere where you work or live, you will have problems; or you might just be someone else's problem ".

Sometimes we have the erroneous idea that we should go through life to be able to be problem free, that if we have problems, something is wrong with our lives. As leaders, we must be responsible, no matter how painful it is. Running away is not an option.

We can solve our problems easily fall for someone in the waiting otherwise. In her book the Cinderella complex, Colette Dowling writes to wait for Prince Charming: "As Cinderella, today women are still waiting for something external to transform their lives, we can venture a little, but underneath lurks a desire deep. longing to be rescued by a function. "

You do not need to wait for help someone else. You will have problems. Be ready. Expecting it. If you know that you will do what is right, you will not cave in when the going gets tough.

to meet Facing with them problems and dealing with good decisions is the difference between a leader and a follower.

7. Set an example for your employees

"Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed."

I am amazed at how many people want a position, but not the responsibility. It is natural to want to shirk responsibility; We all do it. However, a leader is to be, it means long hours. It means available to solve problems or provide direction whenever necessary. To be a leader means to be a servant, whether you are in your home or at work. They are always on call.

A leader works hard.

8. Be ethical

Since I travel a lot, I collect statistics from many different newspapers and magazines. USA Today said that two out of three adults Ethics "vary according to situation" believe or that there is no 18% of people aged 20 "unchanging ethical standard of right and wrong." - 30 said that it was wrong and a standard of right.

The Vancouver Province printed another study that expressed that we say is 200 per day. to give all of excuses for our behavior, to say things like: "... I hate to bother you," Do not expect to do your employees or the next generation, which is right, when they see you do what is wrong , It is incredibly important that we have a strong code of ethics have our choices and lifestyle based on.

Which set of values ​​dictate your ethics your behavior? Or do you have a code of ethics? Do you have beliefs that you have to say that "I will never do that" or "For me this is not an option?" If you do not, sit down, think through and write your non-negotiable code of ethics. Sometimes it can be the little things that undermine your standards and-by the way-your self-esteem. When temptation comes, you can very well to do something that will be later on sadly. Sometimes you have adverse situations to live with the rest of your life.

Margaret Thatcher once said: "I am not a consensus politician, I am a conviction politician." What kind of leader are you? Do you have convictions of their own, or live by the consensus of different opinions?

It is of utmost importance to have high ethical standards, to be an effective leader.

9. Let God be your guide

Elizabeth Dole, president of the American Red Cross, said in an interview: "For me it is very important to know, I have a source of power over my own If I, a difficult task, a company or a hard decision, I'm glad. I "do not rely on my own power, wisdom and discernment.

twenty-four years ago, I realized I needed about me a source of strength. The goals I had set for myself were not satisfactory, and even relationship does not fill my deepest need. At thirty-two years stay, I was in control of my life to God. He is that source of strength I needed. I just prayed, "I want you now to be my guide, of until I die." He's mine.

First, I was filled with immense joy, peace and satisfaction. I felt like someone really cared for me accepted me unconditionally. It was like finding a missing piece of a puzzle after. For a long time looking

My objectives, priorities and dreams began to change. My dreams were much larger-beyond what I could do personally. My peripheral growing interest from the home base for the community, from the community of the province, from the province to our nation, our nation in the world.

I noticed a lot of women in my world were not to maximize their abilities; I worked hard to encourage and train them to be the best women, they could be.

But more importantly, I realized that if Jesus Christ could satisfy me, and to change my life so dramatically, he could do that for everyone. So I started to tell people how they could have a personal relationship with God.

Find the way to change your life and your world to let God be your guide.

Oliver W. Holmes was quoted as saying: "I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are going." In what direction do you think you are heading 5 years from now? 10 years from now? 25 years from now?

As a leader, what direction are you going? Which direction take the 250 people who will affect you?

Living with Hope

If you want peace, there is a way to balance your life. No one can be perfect, or a perfect life. But each of us has the opportunity to fully experience with God through His Son Jesus Christ by grace through a personal relationship.

You can receive by faith through prayer Christ right now. Pray simply speaks to God. God knows your heart and is not so concerned with your words as He is with the attitude of the heart. Here is a suggestion for prayer:

Lord Jesus, I want you to know you personally. Thanks for my sins on the cross to die. I open the door of my life to you and ask you to come in as my Savior and Lord. Take control of my life. to forgive Thanks for my sins and give me eternal life. Make me the kind of person you want me to be.

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